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4-Week Challenge to Get You Started

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Challenge start January 6, 2018!

Smyrna/Vinings Area

Health & Wellness 4-Week Challenge

A scientifically proven plan for healthy living taught by our certified health coach, Lanelle Henderson, through interactive workshops. These workshops include hands-on activities, workbooks, healthy snacks, recipes and more.

In addition to the one-hour workshops, attendees can participate in:

  • Online Pre- and Post-Health Assessment
  • Pantry Makeover
  • Smart Shopping Tour(s)
  • Easy Meal Planning and Preparation

Benefits of Healthy Living

  • Improved productivity
  • Better concentration, focus and alertness
  • Higher energy level
  • Lower health care
  • Reduced stress

Register for $299 (Now thru December 25, 2017)
Regular Price $399


Week 1
Open Your Internal Pharmacy
Make Health Your Hobby

This class is based on a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough....Your body makes its own medicine!
In this class, you will learn how to help your body make its own medicines!

Pills and Skills

Understand the skills that you can begin to incorporate into your own personal Pills & Skills Model of Health
IRAH = Individual Retirement Account for Health
Many people save money for retirement, but don't think about saving their bodies to better enjoy it.

Where would you rather spend your time? Exercising a few minutes every day now? Or sick in bed later?

Cooking Demonstrations

Create easy smoothies, meals and desserts with VitaMix!

Week 2
Move Waste from Your Waist
Live Without Pain and Inflammation

Doctors and other health professionals now know that waist size is a very strong indicator of our overall health!

Abdominal fat is a metabolically hyperactive fat, which means it releases health-harming chemicals into the blood stream that cause premature aging and increase risk of many health problems.

Exercise the Areas

Create and design your own schedule and routine.
Inflammation literally means the body's immune system is on fire. Flames flare up throughout the body disabling joints, causing stomach pain, heart disease and much more.  Learn the most common illnesses and how to prevent them.

Week 3
Smart Shopping Tour
Meal Planning and Meal Preparation

Smart Shopping Tours

Learn the ins and outs of shopping and selecting the right foods.

Week 4
Winners Announced & Prizes


The Smyrna Community Center has all the amenities to make a success health challenge.

Tools included:

  • Here is your starter kit. Each week you will be provided new tools to achieve your goals.

    Register for $299 (Now thru December 25, 2017)
    Regular Price $399

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