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Why spend the extra money on something that's just going to get thrown away? This is a question we get asked numerous times but the reason is simple. Nothing is more valuable than your brand!
Here's a statistic: Over 95% of all events serve some sort of food or beverage.

Sure, it's much cheaper to go out and buy blank cups, napkins, coasters, etc., but at that point, you really are just throwing money away. There isn't that nice touch, no exposure, no brand recognition, and no potential to create a lasting impression.
I always tell our customers that branded food and beverage ware is one of the most underrated product lines out there.

Well think about it this way: Every time you take a drink, take a bite, or wipe your face, you're always reaching for that item which means you always have to look for it. If your cup is sitting on a table, how many times do you think you reach for it to take a drink? 5? 10? Maybe even 20? However many it is, that's how many more times your brand is being seen.
So how valuable is your brand to you? Is it worth spending a few extra pennies per piece on a napkin or cup? Surely, that's not a tough question to answer.

Chances are, you are always wanting and willing to get a little more exposure, unless your brand just isn't that valuably.

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